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7 Google products you might not known about

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Pubg Banned,What next?

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite bannedRecently, we all know that PUBG game was banned by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on Wednesday. Due to some security reasons , this game has been banned from the country. PUBG Mobile was one of the most popular game in India.PUBG's total downloads were nearly 734 million out of which India had contributed 24% i.e nearly 175 million downloads.Due to India's Ban on PUBG,Tencent a Chinese registered company faced a hefty loss from the day of ban. Even though after the ban, it was still available on Google Play store and Apple store. Today on Friday after 2 days it has been removed from this platforms. --> Also Read:
7 Google products you might not known about
Announcement by Akshay Kumar for FAU-G, an Indian Multiplayer game.
Recently, Akshay Kumar pospted a post on Instagram as well as on his Twitter account. This post made everyone so curious.  He announced a game named FAU-G with a tag FEARLESS AND UNITED GUARDS. A good n…

What is important, Life or Career?

Should exams be conducted or not? 
Guys, By reading the title of this blog you might give answers that life is important or some will say, career is important for life or there is no life without career and so on!!! The discussion is endless!!! 

Today's current situation due to pandemic is worse. Daily thousands of people are losing their lives due to COVID-19.
In India we are recording 75000+ cases consecutively from last 5 days.  In this conditions, how can one shape their career? 

JEE,NEET exams are going to conduct in this worse situation.  Government representatives are saying to follow social distancing rules while conducting the exams.  Only maintaining social distancing is not the only problem that arises.  The main problem arises when it comes to reaching  the centres.  No modes of transport are available from rural areas.  Recently a few days before I heard a news about a dad and his son travelling miles of distance by a bicycle for attending exams.  This is the condition of lower …

How to make YouTube videos searchable

Tricks that make YouTube videos searchable. Many of my friends frequently asks me that how are our videos will be searchable on YouTube, so I thought to write this blog.  YouTube is a video streaming platform. Nearly, thousands of videos are uploaded per minute on YouTube. 
In this vast platform, if we upload our video on YouTube, it is just like adding a drop of water in sea.... That means it doesn't make any sense to it.  In this vast platform, to make our position, to make our videos more popular there are some tricks that should be used to make video popular and searchable. 
--> Also Read: 7 Google products you might not known about 1: Make your video title unique

Many times when we see people with same name, we get confused, we can't differentiate between them with their names. 
If we see any person with unique name we remember his name very quickly. In the same way, if our video title is unique on YouTube, our video is more likely to be appear on the top position. 
A more uni…

Tips to earn money from YouTube.

Guyz many of my friends ask me how to make money from youtube... So I thought to write this blog. 

Guys, first of all I would like to say that YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform.  Many of the companies or products are been advertised via. Social platforms mainly YouTube. Whenever you upload a video on YouTube, the one who is watching your video watches the ads which have been their in the start of the video. The no. Of people watching your video watches that ad. More than 30 secs you get some amount from that adsIn this way you earn money from YouTube.